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        Things I will do when I grow up

I am now living in Werribee.  Did you know Werribee is named after backbone or spine.  I now have a job as a techer

I live in I eat good food I like living here because it is peaceful and cam lots of cars driving past by i love living in Werribee I don’t like living here because it is to much nose now in the world look like this

                        werribee zoo

                mind body spirits

i wonder how the brain works

i wonder why we need to be fit



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term 2 health and wellbeing how long should we exercise and what kind of exercise should we do to keep fit.


One thought on “Inquiry

  1. Dear Jayden,

    This is a wonderful page on your blog about inquiry. You did a wonderful job at the expo in term 1. I look forward to the expo this term.

    Keep up the great work.
    From Fiona

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