all minecraft

this is a fun video:



i love minecraft. minecraft is a big world and there is no sercals in minecraft.


the red boat is  hit the target and the orenge/yellow is stampys

minecraftthis is a mans house, the is the guy with the full dimond armor

this is minecraft on the ipad and iphone

this is a creeper and some times it is a creeper coster

this is skydoes in his minecraft skin

   this is mincart with a man with a musstash

        this is a horse a the horse is whereing full diamond armer and his hanging with the chicken.


this is steve with a bad guy THE CREEPER

    this is toothless

One thought on “all minecraft

  1. Dear Jayden,

    Did you create these pictures in minecraft. I am very impressed with what you have been doing in genius hour. You will have to teach me one day how you build a house.

    Keep up your great work.
    From Fiona

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