Big Write

i lernt to use paragraphs

i can do use paragraphs

Jayden Azzopardi              





The Magic Book

The Amazing Shrek

One day there lived a man whose name was Shrek. He lived alone.

On the floor he saw a blank signboard and drew a picture of himself on it.

When he met donkey at Shrek’s  house donkey asked Shrek if he could have a sleep- over at his place and donkey needed to sleep outside.

In the morning donkey had to go to his house because Shrek said that donkey had to sleep only one time.

                                                  the end 





                                                                                                                   free write

                                                                                                                    the owl

once upon a time there lived a owl her name is Silvana she had a boy friend his name is Raymond.

after one year they had a baby his name is Jayden. Raymond got to name the family the azzopardi family they had a nother boy his name is Dylan. a caple of days jayden and Dylan had to go to school. they had fun.

                                                                                                                  the end

One thought on “Big Write

  1. Dear Jayden,

    You have written excellent Big Write pieces this year. I am glad you enjoy Big Write time each Friday. I really like how your handwriting has improved this year. Just remember to have your work conferenced by me before you upload it to the page.
    Keep up your great work.
    From Fiona

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